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Romanticsm on Yareah magazine

Posted on: May 13, 2009


Nature, freedom, feelings, interior world… Tired of reasons, enlightenment and industrialization, writers and artists started to create different works at the end of 18th century; it was the beginning of a new movement: the Romanticism, a perfect time for poetry and poets. Yareah magazine/May focus on Romanticism. Read the whole issue at:

Selected romantic poets (English- Spanish) on Yareah:

-Lord Byron (London, 1788- Greece, 1824)
-José de Espronceda (Almendralejo, 1808- Madrid, 1842)
-John Keats (Finsbury Pavement (near London), 1795- Rome, 1821)
-Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (Sevilla, 1836- Madrid, 1870)
-William Wordsworth (Cumberland, 1770- Rydal Mount, 1850)
-Walt Whitman (Long Island N.Y., 1819- New Yersey, 1892)
-Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde (Caracas, 1846- La Guaira, 1892)
-Edgar Allan Poe (Boston, 1809- Baltimore, 1849)

5 Responses to "Romanticsm on Yareah magazine"

Amigurumis on Yareah magazine…

The issue 7 of Yareah magazine is dedicated to Romanticism. A lot of artists show their works. I specially like the designs of:
Ana Paula Rimoli:
June Gilbank:

UGLINESS on Yareah magazine…

In April, Yareah magazine analyzes the Ugliness on literature and art. How artists and writers have seen this subject?
It has been a source of inspiration?
How about the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenstein, I Claudius….?
See more:

Romanticism on Yareah magazine…

The Romantics tended to define and to present the imagination as our ultimate “shaping” or creative power, the approximate human equivalent of the creative powers of nature or even deity. It is dynamic, an active, rather than passive power,…

Issue 7 of Yareah magazine…

Read more:

Fantastic issue!!

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Yareah magazine:

Yareah magazine is a monthly bilingual (English-Spanish) cultural magazine. Every month we focus on a subject: "One Thousand and One Nights" "Jorge Luis Borges and the Kabbalah" "Ugliness" "Romanticism"... A los of authors and artists have collaborated with us. In this blog, we are going to write about them and their works. All of the texts and pictures have copyright. You must ask for permission to copy them: yareahmagazine @

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